Saturday, June 25, 2011

A guy wrote about Chennai & a girl's classic reply ...

Live update from Chennai ...

Language - Tamil, tamil and tamil. Even if they know hindi, they dont speak up.

People - We never heard anyone laughing here (I wonder if they ever laugh or shout). So conservative, that none talks even in the bus.

Food - Idly, sambhar, rice, dosa, vada, pongal. We have to cook our food ourselves (unbelievable naa).

Weather - summer from October to Feb and rest of the year it's deadly summer.

Lesiure - TV, dormitory, dirty sea beaches on weekends

Rent - 6.5 K / 1 BHK
Advance - 6 months
Aata - Rs. 26 /kg
Apple - Rs 100 /kg
Orange - Rs. 10/piece
Banana - Rs 3 /piece
Mausami Juice -Rs 18 /glass
Jeans Dryclean - Rs.40
Phulka - Rs. 8 (idly also Rs.8)

Interesting facts and incidents :

1. Here you cannot buy a needle after 6 PM (strange).
2. We asked an auto driver, "Hindi aati hai"?. He replied in Hindi "Hindi nahi aati".
3. The most common suffix here is 'A', e.g.
          straight - straighta
          2 cup tea - 2 cupa tea
4. Even dogs eat curd rice.
5. In north, names are like Gauri Shankar, Gauri Prasad, etc. Here the names are like Kaliraj, kalicharan etc.
6. When there is a 't' in any name, they add 'h' to it.
           Jayant - jayanth
           Bharat - bharath
7. Here is a culture of adding mystical alphabets after ones's name, like Mahesh R , Sandeep T etc.
8. Cable connection is of no use here as only tamil channels are broadcasted on cable TV, if anyone wanna watch Hindi channels, you need to buy a set up box ( Rs.4000).
8. Infosys SEZ office is actually not in chennai, it comes under a district called Chengalpet which is 51 kms from main city.
9. Once we saw a girl in the food court, she was looking and acting like a north indian. My friend became exited and planned to talk to her, but just then we noticed her breakfast and then "dil ke armaan aansuon mein beh gaye", she was having pongal. (disguise!!)
10.How dare anyone come to chennai : Cognizant Chennai MCity comes under SEZ(special economic zone), swap and transfers from here are not possible.
11. No life after 9 PM.
12. No need to worry for Tsunami, because none will be left to cry on your grave.

Bye Bye (waiting for banglore, pune, hyderabad update)

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