Sunday, April 9, 2017

Never underestimate thyself

Life is not like a school where we will be taught first and examination follows. Its the opposite. Difficulties will come through and we will learn.

Now everyone is unique, different from others. Same problem could be solved numerous ways. And when it's a life related problem, there is not right way to solve it. We all handle it as per our capabilities, as per our skills. Bottom-line is get it solved.

Since everyone is different. Someone possess patience, someone else could be a quick learner. One could be blessed with a razor sharp brain. Other person could have a very good memory. Our leaning speeds could differ as well. But that does not mean one is better than other. Yes a person could be better than other at a specific skill-set.

I have seen in same class, one guy will understand and grasp things very first time. Whereas another kid need to go through same thing again and again for coming to same level of understanding. God has blessed first guy in this instance with sharp brain. And same GOD has blessed the other guy with preservance and Hard-working nature. But neither of the guys should get discouraged. I am a  firs hand witness that some of the brilliant guys in my class are nowhere and still struggling. Whereas some of mediocre students are doing very well in their lives and are so successful.

I am myself a example of same. I was a very bright student in my school days. blessed with a very sharp brain and a very good memory. But gone are those days. For learning a new topic now I take longer than some of my colleagues but that doesn't mean I am slower. I have my own speed and am quite happy with that. At times, I am not able to understand some things or complete some tasks and seeks my colleagues help. But same is the case with them. I am good at some and helps them achieve a particular thing.

We might approach same problem in different ways. And finally reach at same result. Other one might have taken lesser time. But I was no way slower. My approach might serve for a longer time.

So, we should not think much, get depressed or anything like that why I am not able to remember everything I read. Why I am unable to recall what I read yesterday only/ Why this guy is faster than me. The answer is GOD made us that way, and there must be a purpose. We might not realize that today.

But yes if we are slower and need more efforts. We should not shy away from working hard. If we are not able to remember what we read. We should read it again and again. We should practice it, write it.

Never compare ourselves to someone else. We have no idea, what is their life about. The guy could be a superman in office but he might be bad at relationships. Believe that we our blessed on our own ways.

Luck plays a factor but there is not shortcut for hard-work.

Do not wait for Perfect Time ...

Do not aim for Perfection.
Never wait for Perfect Time.
If so, we will keep waiting forever and a perfect time might never arrive.

Quest of making things perfect requires huge resources, dedication and time. And still we might not be perfect. Remember 80-20 Pareto principle. 80% of work can be completed with just 20% effort but for rest 20%, 80% efforts will be needed

I does not mean we should never go for perfection or making things 100% perfect. But I mean to aim for perfection in things which are utmost important and not every small task. Do not seek perfection in tasks such as our day to day things. Nevertheless, we might want to improve ourselves daily bit by bit.

Buddha's middle path is the one we should aim for (I might have understood it wrong). But Balance in life is very important and thus comes the Middle Path.

From where I see a biggest chunk of our efforts should go in our main work. For example I am a software engineer. So a very big chunk should be going therem in my office work. As this is where we are earning our bread and butter. We should always do our works very honestly. Doesn't matter if we are getting required results or not. Promotions and recognition is a different field altogether. As is the gist of Geeta, Karma (of course Karma doesn't only include this). Our efforts should only increase. And if we are not getting desired results we should circumspect, why this is not happening? Why I am not getting desired results? Where am I lacking? What more can I do to get promoted? There are high chances, we should be able to find out where exactly are we lacking. We should mend our ways not the efforts.And in case we are unable to, seek outside help. Consult colleagues or whoever we think can help us. Could be our Managers.

Then comes Health, Happiness, Family, Friends and contentment (in the exact sequence, think over it)

But Balance and Patience are keys leading to a successful life.

My IPL 2017 XIs

My XIs would be in the batting order :

Mumbai Indians
1 Jos Buttler, 2 Parthiv Patel (wk) 3 Rohit Sharma (capt)  4 Krunal Pandya 5 Kieron Pollard 6 Hardik Pandya, 7 6 Nitish Rana/Indian Batsman/Ambati Rayudu 8 Harbhajan Singh, 9 Jasprit Bumrah, 10 Mitchell McClenaghan 11 Lasith Malinga

Kolkata Knight Riders:
1 Gautam Gambhir (capt), 2 Chris Lynn, 3 Robin Uthappa (wk), 4 Manish Pandey, 5 Yusuf Pathan, 6 Suryakumar Yadav, 7 Shakib 8 Sunil Narine 9 Kuldeep YadavPiyush Chawla 10 Indian Seamer/Ankit Rajpoot, 11 Trent Boult/Chris Woakes

1 Gayle 2 Vishnu Vinod 3 Kohli 4 De Villiers 5 Jadhav 6 Watson 7 Negi/Binny 8 S Arvid/Indian Seamer 9 Indian Seamer 10 Badree 11 Chahal

1 Pant 2 Billings 3 Nair 4 Samson 5 Solid Indian Batsman 6 Braithwaite 7 Nadeem 8 Rabada 9 Mishra 10 Shami 11 Zaheer

1 Vohra 2 Guptill 3 Saha 4 Maxwell 5 Miller 6 Stonis 7 Axar 8 Mohit 9 Sandeep 10 Natarjan 11 Indian Spinner

1 Mayank 2 Rahane 3 Smith 4 Dhoni 5 Stokes 6 Tiwary 7 Christian 8 Bhatia 9 Indian Spinner/ Rahul Tewatia 10 Dinda 11 Tahir

1 McCullum 2 Smith/Finch 3 Raina 4 Karthik 5 Kishan 6 Faulkner 7 Tye (Bravo when fit) 8 Kulkarni 9 Praveen 10 Basil Thampi/Jakati/Indian Spinner/Indian Seamer 11 Shivil Kaushik

1 Warner 2 Dhawan 3 Henriques 4 Yuvi 5 Ojha 6 Hooda/Solid Indian Batsman 7 Tambe 8 Bhuvi 9 Nehra 10 Rashid 11 Mustafizur

My India XI for Champions Trophy 2017

This may be just the start of IPL but as there is a Hindi saying ...
होनहार वीरवान के होत चिकने पात 
Rishabh Pant, Dinesh Karthik, Yuvraj Singh, Kedar Jadhav and Shahbaaz Nadeem should walk into Indian XV if not XI and similarly Chris Lynn should walk into Australian T20 and ODI XI

No matter who need to be thrown out of XI ...

Indian Team for Champions Trophy

1 Pant
2 Karthik
3 Kohli
4 Yuvi
5 Dhoni
6 Jadhav
7 Jadeja
8 Bhuvi
9 Shami
10 Nadeem
11 Bumrah

12 Ashwin
13 Rohit
14 Umesh Yadav
15 Pandya

I have taken one batsman, one fast bowler, one spinner and one seam bowling allrounder as back-ups. And there are already 3 wicketkeepers in starting XI :)

Closely missed out players = Rahul, Chahal, Nehra

No places for inconsistent Raina, Rahane, Ishant, Mishra,
And Players like Dhawan, Pandey, Axar, Mohit, Binny, Karun, Mandeep, Jayant, Negi are not even considered right now
Far Fetched names = Rayudu, Gambhir, Kuldeep Yadav

Dhoni's batting is of biggest concern