Sunday, November 29, 2015

Letter to PM Narendra Modi, from an Indian wife

बिहार की राजधानी पटना की एक महिला / पत्नी ने प्रधानमंत्री श्री नरेंद्र मोदी को एक पत्र लिखा और अपनी अभूतपूर्व योजना बताई |

सरकार को अब दारु दुगुने दाम पर बेचनी चाहिए ! और आधा पैसा पीने वाले की पत्नी के अकाउंट में सब्सिडी की तरह वापस कर देना चाहिए जिससे ये फायदे होंगे !

1. पति लिमिट में पियेगा, क्योंकि उसके नशे की मात्रा उसकी पत्नी के बैंक बैलेंस के बराबर रहेगी ।
2. पत्निया अपने पतियों को पीने के लिए कभी मना नही करेंगी ।
3. पत्नी को मालूम रहेगा, आज पति ने कितनी पी ।
4. जिस की पत्नी का अकाउंट नहीं है वो भी खुल जाएगा ।
( हो सकता है किसी किसी की पत्नी को आयकर - रिटर्न भी दाखिल करना पड़े  )

नई सोच को सलाम |

God and Lions Temple Story

A father took his son to a temple. Son saw statues of Lions at entrance and started shouting, "Run dad, or those lions will eat us".

Dad consoled him saying, "They are just statues and can't harm us".

Son replied, "If those lion statues can't harm us then how could statues of God give us blessings !!!".

That evening, father inscribed in his diary, "I am still speechless on my child's answer and have started searching for God in Humans instead of statues. I didn't find God but I found humanity".

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Journalism - unbiased or sensible?

Oxford defines Journalism as activity or profession of writing for newspapers, magazines, or news websites, preparing news to be broadcast-ed. It doesn't bother defining any further.

Word Journalism always intrigue me. This word constantly make me think, what is right way of doing it? Does Journalism merely mean unbiased reporting? Or it means constructive and sensible news reporting? When I use words like constructive, sensible, I mean unbiased but meaning and positive reporting. We come across lots of news full of negativity. Though this is a fact, every moment somewhere in country a kidnapping, a rape, murder, a theft is being done. I am not negating it. But could we please emphasize over good news. For example, Wipro Chairman Mr. Azim Premji pledged to donate 80% of his wealth.

We come across lots of negative news on a daily basis. Now the next question arrives, is too many negative things happening around us or do we choose to report more of negative news? Is is due to TRP? But I fail to understand, how murder, rape, robbery reports attract TRP. Or there are too many pages to be filled?

We may often encounter people criticizing newspapers and upto an extent they are on the right side.

Sometimes to take a step forward, we have to step backwards first.

Times Now Arnab Goswami is belief of that If you are asking a question, it is an art to hide answer in the question itself.

India Today's Rajdeep Sardesai has disappointed me most among all the senior jounalists of India. At times, I feel pity for him. It feels like he is regretting, why the hell did I ask this question. I have seen him being speechless and as if he is not aware what to do or ask next, once the interviewee answers in a way, he did not expect. Looks like he will cry on screen.

One dear friend of mine, who follows Indian Politics and Journalism very closely rates him the best.

Please comment what do you feel about Journalism and how it should be done? Is there a role-model in Indian Journalism, who could be used as a standard as others could be measured on that scale? With exception of few, news channels are looking like either tilting towards Congress or BJP. Some regional parties went to such an extent, they started their own news channels in name of unbiased reporting. But I need not to write what to expect.

Was there an era, Jounalism was at its peak in India? Can we safely say, current is the worst phase of jounalism in India?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

No Whatsapp, No Facebook Policy

Dear friends,

I have uninstalled Whatsapp and have deactivated my Facebook account. I was feeling like, I had no control. Whatsapp and Facebook were controlling me. I did it around a month back.

I was not very active on Facebook. Anyways people always kept asking, Did you see that? I have shared a nice thing, you will surely like it. And things, and things. And I had to say, I seldom logins on fb. And their next question would be, why is that? I was fed up answering them. Now I can say straight in to their face, "I am not on fb". Ha ha :D

Coming to Whatsapp, I appreciate habit of replying and/or acknowledging. If someone is pinging me, I can't ignore. A lot of my time was being used up in all these. I was always feeling like running out of time. It was becoming a bad addiction.

So I decided to get rid both of them. And now I am not dependent upon them. I feel, I am the one controlling myself.

But this is for a short period. I will be back soon, when I will feel more confident of controlling them, instead being controlled by them.

Wake up, anytime without Alarms

In my childhood, I never had problem getting up early in the morning. And I was doing it without alarm clocks. Are you interested knowing, how to wake up any time without setting alarms? This is an age old practice being followed in India for centuries. Being passed by one generation to next. I was taught this by my grandma.
After lying down in bed. Call out your name and instruct, wake me up at 5 o’ clock. For example, “Peter wake me up at 5 o’ clock in the morning”. (Replace Peter with your name).
My name is Bittu. So I will call out, “Bittu wake me up at 5 o’ clock in the morning”.
"बिट्टू मुझे सुबह बजे उठा देना ।"
It will be more helpful if you could instruct in your native language. This should be last thing you do before sleeping. It has always worked for me. Try out and and let's see if it works for you as well.

I am not aware why it works. But I think, our sub-conscious mind records it as a command, and wakes us at the exact moment.
There are many similar practices in India. Which are being forgotten with time. I know few and would really like to share with all interested guys. Keep watching this space. And let me know in comments section, if it worked for you as well.

Expecting a lion not to eat you because you are a vegetarian is foolishness.

We were playing a game of Cricket. My dear friend Abhishek was batting, on strike.

He was a useful all-rounder for our class team. Could bat pretty well and was a decent bowl. He used to be a little arrogant. Always puts himself first. Wanted to win at all costs, by hooks or by crooks.

Let’s get back to our match, which was in a tense situation. We were chasing. Our seniors had set us a competitive target of 139 runs. We usually play 12-overs-a-side-match and run-rate exceeding 10 was a norm.

We were 5 down for merely 48 runs. Fifth over was in progress. It was a short ball. Abhishek tried to hook and unfortunately edged. Ball lobbed high-up in front of the bowler, a little towards right. Bowler settled nicely under the ball to complete a simple catch. But suddenly, Abhishek came running and collided with the bowler, catch was missed.

He told with a straight face, "I was completing my run". Though he knew, ball was not on the path batsmen ran for runs. It was evident, Abhishek had deviated his path while running. It was a deliberate act preventing bowler completing the catch. It sparked heated discussions. Game was halted for a long duration. At end, it was decided he would bat on.

Everyone knew, Abhishek cheated. Everyone thought, he will be punished, will get out soon. As kids, we used to believe, “Jo bhi Be-imaani karega, use Bhagwan saza denge (Cheats will be punished by God)”.

Contrary to everyone’s belief, he went on to score 60-odd runs, won match for us. He might get punished some other day but who cares.

What did we learn of this incident? Expecting a lion not to eat you because you are a vegetarian is foolishness.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Useful Startup Tools

This is age of startups. There has never been a better time to start a company. Mobile proliferation has led to a world that is always connected. It takes lots of skill, hard-work, money and resources. Any small help is appreciated. There are endless free and useful products online that can help us build and launch our startup.

Here is a very short consolidated list that I found really useful. Though few of these could be used in our day tech lives. Like for social media posts.

Let's take a look ..

1. Startup Stash

Curated directory of resources and tools to help us build our startup. A good starting point, indeed.

2. Square Space Logo

Basic logos done instantly. Could be helpful in hackathons. Enter your startup name, choose design from readily available designs and here we go.

3. Pablo by Buffer

Great tool for creating our own quotes with beautiful background images. Provides with several customisable features like contrast, blurring, retro looks and others.


Beautiful pictures from several genres. Particularly helpful stacking website with meaningful media content.

5. Freebbble

Awesome collection of readymade web and mobile templates. Designed and created by Dribbble users with 3 Bs. Many of them are configurable as per needs.

6. Type Form

If we need to create surveys, forms this is way to go. Beautiful completely customisable templates available.

7. Sumo Me

If we are not getting the intended traffic on our websites, great tool to find out. Illustrates diagrammatically our lacking. This tool is being used by many of the popular websites these days to increase traffic.

8. Awesome Screenshot

If we need some place to store screenshots or any pictures, this is the place. Create a free account and start uploading.

9. Color Picker

Upload any image and pick color-code of any color from the image.

Beauty of these tools are, they are in form of websites. No need of downloading and installing, the most we need is an Internet connection. These tools empower us with those nitty-gritty things, deciding which sometimes takes lots of time.