Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sarjapur Bomb Threat

Yesterday, news of 19(+1) bombs in Wipro Corporate Sarjapur Office turned out not to be a complete rumor. Sarjapur Police station received a hand-written letter near about 12 noon stating that 19 bombs has been successfully planted in and around Sarjapur Corporate Office. They can blast either at 11am(Friday) or 1pm(Saturday). Police and Bomb-Squad took swift action and started scanning the campus on a war-front and no bombs found. As expected, Wipro made a statement, "It was a routine check-up, nothing else. Operations will continue to be business as usual."
More details : TOI
Approx a week earlier a similar-kinda letter was received for ISRO Bangalore, which turned out to be hoax.

But I see it as a greater plan for a bigger conspiracy. Hoax will keep coming. Police and People will start taking it mildly and suddenly one-day Bomb will go off. So we need to be alert and our on our toes, no matter how many times these kinda letters keeps popping-up.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Change in Attitude

Great change in Attitude .. Earlier my thought was, I am Nothing but now I know I am Everything, take a bow.

Have given Enough Respect to anyone and Everyone, around. Now its time World, for you to respect me.
Hum hum hai, baki sab paani kam hi :)

Today is the first day of the rest of my life :)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dil Aaj Shayar Hai ...

Lyricist : Gopal Das Neeraj (My Fav Poet) (Read here my fav poem)
Singer : Kishore
Movie : Gambler

[Dil Aaj Shayar Hai, Gam Aaj Nagma Hai
Shab Yeh Gajal Hai Sanam] -2
Gairon Ke Sheron Ko, O Sun-ne Wale
Ho Is Taraf Bhi Karam

[Aake Zara Dekh To Tere Khatir
Hum Kis Tarah Se Jiye] - 2
Aansu Ke Dhaage Se Seete Rahe Hum
Jo Zakham Tune Diye
Chahat Ki Mehfil Me Gam Tera Lekar
Kismat Se Khela Juva
Duniya Se Jeete Par Tujh Se Haare
Yun Khel Apna Huva

[Hai Pyaar Humne Kiya Jis Tarah Se, Uska Na Koi Jawab] - 2
Zarra They Lekin Teri Lau Me Jalkar, Hum Ban Gaye Aaftaab
Hum Se Hai Zinda Wafa, Aur Hum Hi Se, Hai Teri Mehfil Jawan
Hum Jab Na Honge To Ro-Ro Ke Duniya, Dhundhegi Mere Nishan

[Re Pyaar Koi Khilauna Nahin Hai, Har Koi Le Jo Kharid] - 2
Meri Tarah Zindagi Bhar Tadap Lo, Fir Aana Uske Kareeb
Hum To Musafir Hain, Koi Safar Ho, Hum To Guzar Jayenge Hi
Lekin Lagaya Hai Jo Daon Humne, Woh Jeet-Kar Aayenge Hi
Woh Jeet-Kar Aayenge Hi
Woh Jeet-Kar Aayenge Hi