Sunday, April 9, 2017

Do not wait for Perfect Time ...

Do not aim for Perfection.
Never wait for Perfect Time.
If so, we will keep waiting forever and a perfect time might never arrive.

Quest of making things perfect requires huge resources, dedication and time. And still we might not be perfect. Remember 80-20 Pareto principle. 80% of work can be completed with just 20% effort but for rest 20%, 80% efforts will be needed

I does not mean we should never go for perfection or making things 100% perfect. But I mean to aim for perfection in things which are utmost important and not every small task. Do not seek perfection in tasks such as our day to day things. Nevertheless, we might want to improve ourselves daily bit by bit.

Buddha's middle path is the one we should aim for (I might have understood it wrong). But Balance in life is very important and thus comes the Middle Path.

From where I see a biggest chunk of our efforts should go in our main work. For example I am a software engineer. So a very big chunk should be going therem in my office work. As this is where we are earning our bread and butter. We should always do our works very honestly. Doesn't matter if we are getting required results or not. Promotions and recognition is a different field altogether. As is the gist of Geeta, Karma (of course Karma doesn't only include this). Our efforts should only increase. And if we are not getting desired results we should circumspect, why this is not happening? Why I am not getting desired results? Where am I lacking? What more can I do to get promoted? There are high chances, we should be able to find out where exactly are we lacking. We should mend our ways not the efforts.And in case we are unable to, seek outside help. Consult colleagues or whoever we think can help us. Could be our Managers.

Then comes Health, Happiness, Family, Friends and contentment (in the exact sequence, think over it)

But Balance and Patience are keys leading to a successful life.