Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pathetic Bluedart Service

I was in impression Bluedart is one among best courier service providers along with Fedex. But last few services opened my eyes. They are as pathetic as anybody else. And finally this time, I am obliging and asking them, why they have become so pathetic?

They don't understand Time is of Essence. There services might be outstanding outside India but here in one of the major cities Bangalore, they took 5 days just for delivery. Shipment reached Bangalore on 9th Oct 9 am morning as evident in below screenshot. In fact I am still waiting to get my hands on the product. This should be noted, actually product was handed over to Bluedart on Oct 5th, 2016, 4:39 pm. So 9 days for simple less than 100gms delivery ... Just Unacceptable.

Tried reaching out their contact numbers 1860-233-1234 and 080-25021234. But one was unreachable and second none will receive.

Just for Info : Bluedart Bangalore Fax No : 080-25229856

I have written down to their offices and customer support on asking them the cause of delay and am still awaiting reply. If I get any, will surely update :)