Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Exhaustive list to lead a peaceful and successful life

Since I have mentioned two opposite kinda keywords together, so there could b chances that I white to complete opposite things, but will try to pin point where applicable or not applicable.

This would b an ongoing process and might not finalize even after my death. Whatever I learn will keep adding here.

I do not claim these all are my own ideas or learnings. But I learnt them myself.

None can read all points at a single go. Take your time. Read in installments.

Beauty of this list is you can stop anywhere and list is complete. If you think, let's read next point, it's never gonna end

1. Very first. Never ever give free suggestions to nobody. Not even your spouse, parents, siblings or even closest friend.

One could argue what I m doing here .... Suggesting. No buddy. I m writing this list for myself. As could not remember all of these always.

Many famous blogs started this way. People started for themselves. May be for note-making or as a journal. Others found it useful and rest is history.
Peaceful √

2. Do not aim for perfection.
Successful √
Peaceful √

Always aim for your aim. Ignore the side effects.
Successful √
Peaceful ×

3. Hire people to work for you.
Nerdy ones than skilled ones.
Successful √
Peaceful ×

4. When you have time, complete your task.
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Peaceful √

5. Life is all about priorities.
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Peaceful √

6. You always have to take time out for things. Otherwise you will never get time.
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Peaceful √

7. Depend upon yourself solely.

8. Everyone thinks he/she is best person or most correct person including you.

9. Life moves on.

10. Decision making = Will it matter in 5 years?

11. Always remember The Almighty has blessed us with two eyes and two ears but only one mouth.

Listen & read more. Speak less.
Open minded. No deaf ears to any suggestions.

10. Do not deal in money matters with anyone and everyone whom you value.
Money is root of all evils, comforts and greediness.

11. Others (persons/events) doesn't matter. What matters is our reaction to them.

11. Choose life. Choose happiness.

11. Share only what is needed.
Never let anyone know what's going on your mind.

- keep secrets
- Be brave. Even if you are not, pretend to be. None can tell the difference.
- Don't do anything for credit.
- Avoid sarcastic comments
12. Life is about ups and down.
Don't get overwhelmed with happiness. Don't get too sad with adversaries. Whatever today it is, tongue it's gonna change.
- forgive. For your own sake
- don't expect life to b fair
- Attitude matters
- never talk negative. Better keep mum

12. Treasure people who love you. They are rare.

13. Life is too short to commit so mistakes ourselves and learn from them. Learn from others mistakes.

12. Control is an illusion

Proper sleep.
Eat correct.

11. If in a fight, hit first, hit hard.